The Supreme Court and Family Law

On occasion, the Supreme Court of the United States makes decisions that affect the lives of real  people  in society.  Such was the case of Loving v. Virginia (1967). In the summer of 1958, newlyweds Mildred and Richard Loving faced a choice: spend one year in jail,...

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Letter to a Law School Graduate

Recently, Judge Lane Smith, of Leon County, wrote an open Letter to a Law School Graduate.1  I find it to be instructive to all law school graduates, old and young.  Here, I have pulled out some of the highlights.  I place a comment after each quote. Diligently...

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Paternity is More Than Biology

With the advent and increased prevalence of genetic testing, one would think that establishing paternity today would be easier than ever.  If biology alone was the sole factor in determining parentage, you would likely be correct.  However, biology alone does not...

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